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Real time FRIPON Maps

All time FRIPON computed and confirmed trajectories (9420)

FRIPON computed trajectories from the FRIPON-France pipeline, superposition since the beginning of the project.
Climatic condition, station density and installation age explain some important density differences.
Map updated in real time after each pipeline execution.

All time FRIPON trajectories after manual echoes validation (157 head: red, 1520 tail: blue, 1074 both: purple)

FRIPON is using the French Air Forces GRAVES radar located near Dijon city to measure accurately the velocity of the bolides detected by the video cameras.
The radio echoes of the radar transmissions are either echoes on the plasma surrounding the meteor bodies (head echoes, red traces), or on the plasma of the meteor trails (trail echoes, blue traces).
The violet traces correspond to simultaneous head and trail echoes

French recovered meteorite (19th and 20th Century)

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